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Lilla Turen, “a little journey” in Swedish, is a leaning platform to explore the future form of “learning” with the inspirations from education in Nordic countries.

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Why Nordics?

Nordic countries hit high ranks in “World Happiness Report” every year and people in those countries do seem “happy”. What makes them so?

What I personally felt through studying and working there is that many people create their own path actively and creatively, which make them satisfied with how they live and how they are trying to live. The happiness of individual seems to root in the feeling of “living my own life”.

At the same time, I got quite interested in the form of democracy, where people discuss the ideal society together with neighbors, seek for the pragmatic steps, and realize the change steadily.

These are the background I came to search for the learning and communication in the Nordic society, to bring in a positive change in our society and also the life we are living.

“Education” in Nordic countries seems to help find “questions” and “answers” for each individual, not “a correct answer” for everyone. Meanwhile, it lets people with different thoughts communicate and discuss to co-create a better future.

“Education”, or a trigger for the learning of individual and the communications, can be found not only at school but also at home and in the society. By exploring it, we try to extract some inspirations for the form of “learning” and “communications”.

“Learning” than “Education”, specific cases than macro information

On this website, we focus on a trigger for “Learning” which roots in individual, rather than “Education”, which embraces various meaning. Also, we introduce specific cases like people, places and things that we personally encounter, rather than macro information on education system in Nordic countries. Meanwhile, we share the articles on Nordic education and creativity on Facebook to provide a broader image.

We are not to meant to provide any “answer”, but to be a trigger to start a conversation on the “learning” of the near future.

Contents categorization

PEOPLE – People and how they create their lives creatively.
PLACES – Places which triggers a learning of individual, from schools to public spaces.
THINGS – Things and services which triggers a learning of individual.
A BIT AWAY – We take a bit farther journey apart from Nordic countries or “education”.

Wishing you a pleasant journey! Trevlig resa (tur) !

About the editor

Studied politics in Sweden as an exchange student at university for a year. Started working as a freelancer after experiencing jobs at Japanese major education company. Running this website besides being involved in Nordic related projects.

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