Future of Lilla Turen


It’s been a while since the last update.

I have met many people related to Nordic education since then and I came to think that I would like to make Lilla Turen a place where “you can feel the Nordic way of learning”, not just a personal blog.

It might be a quite slow pace, but I am thinking to collaborations with various people to run Lilla Turen.

  • From personal blog to “Information website on Nordic education and learning”

    Mainly on Facebook feed, we share articles on the systems and practices of education, learning of the 21th centuries, working style to boost creativity, Nordic startups providing creative products and services etc.
    We try to reveal not only the fact itself, but also the philosophy and the context in the Nordic society which lies behind the scene.


  • Planning a workshop where you can experience an essence of Nordic way of learning (in May and June)

Focusing on “Communication”, “Diversity” and “Creativity”, ones of key words of Nordic education / learning, we run some workshops where you can experience these essence of learning.

The first workshop is now being planned, to discuss questions like “What will help you survive the world without one sole answer?”, “What kind of learning place would you like to have?… with the hint from Nordic education.


  • Operating Lilla Turen through collaborations

We hope to run Lilla Turen in collaborations with various people, related to Nordic countries, working in education, interested in the learning of 21th century etc. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in delivering ideas, writing articles, planning events in collaborations. Looking forward to working with you!